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connecting riders and drivers with a single click

Designed for a more engaging and enjoyable booking experience by simplifing the online operations via inbuilt GPS and accurate distance estimation. 

Safe, Reliable & Value Added Service

Passengers are our top priority; we provide them safe, reliable, value driven transportation system in comfort and style. Spot'nHop is designed for a more engaging taxi booking experience by simplifying online operations via inbuilt GPS and accurate distance estimation. 
No Road Hailings

No Road Hailings

The days of standing by the roadside in the hope of flagging down a passing taxi every time you need a taxi.  


Our goal is to provide accessibility to a modern, seamless approach to riding a cab easily, safely, and without hassle.  
One Tap Cab Hailing

One Tap Cab Hailing

Instantly hail a cab when you need it most. With one touch of a button, be on your way around the nation’s capital.
Easy Payment

Easy Payment

Pay with our mobile apps or in the taxi. Our services provide simple payment options, from cash to credit card.

The most convenient and reliable means to travel by taxi
Modern World Transportation Solutions

Spot’n Hop is an envisioned solution to many frustrating experiences with taxi in North Cyprus. Spot’n Hop is a break from the contemporary means of riding a cab and a concept envisioned to provide passengers and drivers a better service by creating an innovative mobile platform that directly connect passengers with adequate drivers within the closest proximity and matching the passengers requirements. 

Spot’n Hop stems from simple belief that credibility is the basis on which effectiveness and adequate service provision are based. The days of making phone bookings, waiting  and wondering if a taxi is ever going to turn up are OVER. So is standing by the roadside in the hope of flagging down a passing taxi every time you need a taxi.

Solution Overview

We bring the power of technology to taxi business with a one stop taxi booking solution, offering several key advantages. Our taxi app has been developed for native iOS & Android for drivers and passengers with key features and an intuitive UI to make seamless cab bookings.

Drive Way

Passengers are matched to the closest available driver our smartphone app, and passengers pay can pay via an e-wallet or with cash.


Fares are calculated in advance according to the distance to be covered and the travel time.

Track Driver and Trip

Users are able to track driver to their pickup location in real time on a map, and get alerted of cab arrivals via push notifications.

In-App Rating

Rate your Driver, trip experience, service and provide feedback.

Notification & Security Alerts

Drivers and Passengers alike get important alerts via push notifications, and can quickly call for help with built-in emergency button.

Superb support

We are committed to quickly resolving your issues with around-the-clock technical support.

Application Overview

Spot’n Hop comes with a host of features for both passengers and drivers with advanced features, integrations, customization’s and tailored processes  to conveniently match drivers with passengers who request rides through our smartphone app

With Spot'n Hop, you can Book yourself a taxi and watch it arrive – in real time and on the map. Or request push notification of when your driver arrives at your door. There are no surprise charges with Spot'n Hop.

Keep track of your travel route and the app automatically calculates the approximate cost for each trip – it couldn’t be simpler! Every time you ride – rate the driver by simply selecting the option - with Spot'n Hop; accountability is key.


Spot’n Hop is designed to make it easier for passengers to find a taxi. We’ve devised a system that not only helps drivers provide great service but also ensures that the system is fair for the driver as well.

We are committed to strongly advocating for the taxi industry and we always believe in a fair go for all – for drivers and for passengers. Spot’n Hop creates the adequate platform with the driver interest at the core, offering incentives, bonuses and rewards driven by passenger ratings.


A new and convinient way to book and manage your transporatation needs

  • It’s a FREE taxi booking service
  • All inclusive Fixed Fares provide you greater certainty – you’ll know the fare upfront with no hidden extra
  • Select your preferred type of taxi
  • Receive an estimated time of arrival
  • Trip information delivered direct to guest’s phone
  • Track the taxi approaching on a live map
  • Access driver details and phone or text the driver
  • A safe network of verified drivers


An app crafted with You in mind. Better centralized system, providing accountability for both Driver and Passenger. Spot’n Hop, is the first of its kind in North Cyprus. Founded in 2017 and created on a simple idea of providing a modern alternative to the conventional way to riding a cab.

Create Account

Passengers can easily create an account using their email or their social accounts. Drivers can register by filling basic info and upload necessary documents.

Ride Options

Users can view the available ride options, choose a destination, get fare estimates, ETA and book a ride with confidence.

Easy Tracking

Users can track drivers to their pickup location in real time on a map, get alerts when their cab arrives. Drivers get pinged on the app and get a simple interface either accept or decline a request.

Trip Info

Drivers get user trip information and built-in navigation to make a seamless pick up and drop, building customer trust.

Rating & Safely

Passengers and Drivers have access to built-in features; SOS button, share and rate ride experiences and driver services.

Payment Options

Users are able to pay for their ride with numerous payments options and view their ride history. Drivers can track their daily earnings, and get useful insights on their performance.

Watch your taxi approach live on the app.

The new Spot’n Go app offers a modern, refreshed and streamlined user experience suited for every moment, whether it’s your daily commute, a trip to the airport or a night out with friends.


From ride for your everyday trip, to those special events or date night. When you have lots of friends or luggage to move, Spot’n Hop offers seamless filtering option, where all our drivers and their respective vehicles are listed.

Simply put, Spot’n Go offers a reliable alternative to the contemporary way to ride a Taxi without hailing outside, there are a lot of options all in your finger tips with convenient cash or e-wallet payment option.

Freedom of Choice

Whether it’s your daily commute or a trip to the airport, Spot'nHop got you covered. Easily book ahead and have a car waiting for you, when you need it most.

No Price Surges

There are no surge in price. And we give you the options that you want from your daily commute to a night out with friends or even a corporate meeting.

A Seamless Experience

Spot'nHop makes Getting a cab a seamless experience. Hop in, hop out – your driver knows exactly where to go, and your trip is paid for automatically at the end.

Always Available

Spot'nHop offers round the clock availabilty and you can book and travel in an instant. You can choose from a wide range of options!

Teamwork, collaboration, and achieved
Innovative Taxi Hailing Platform

Spot’n Hop was born from the philosophy of ”See a problem. Come up with the solution”, but its not always that simple. We work to solve real world transportation problems. But even from the start, we have realized that just finding a solution is not enough. To actually bring them to life, requires more. Sure, we have the technology. But we still need to unite passengers and drivers within an innovative platform.

We strive to work with communities and governments, learn from the diverse peoples and cultures present in North Cyprus. And the only way we can do all that, is together with you. The goals we’ve set for ourselves aren’t easy to achieve. But we believe one day soon, every single person in North Cyprus will benefit from the travel safely, comfortably, and accessibility our application offers. 


Our Mobile Application simplifies the user engagement and improves the overall user experience. 

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Our solutions comes with a host of features for passengers and drivers alike and can be further enhanced with advanced features, integrations and customizations as per future needs. We’d love to learn your needs, vision and explore how we can assist exceeding your goals.
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